Road Along the way


I go along Route 5 when I want to get a few groceries at the Market.  I’ve been wanting to take a photo of this waterfall, but there is no place to get off the road to take a photo.  So, taking my life into my hands and just stopping and getting as far off the road as I could, and hoping no cars would come behind me, I rolled down the window on the passenger side of the car and just clicked a very fast photo.  I like how it came out.  The last time I came by here a few days ago, the water was not frozen but still looked pretty going over the ledge.  So the beauty of the landscape on a very cold and grey day, made the trip a little more fun.


The above photo had to be a very quick photo, also, but I thought it was cute to see the Mama cow with her babies in tow.  I like taking the old route along the Connecticut River instead of taking the interstate.  I just take my time, have a coffee going and my favorite station on the radio.

I wanted to make a couscous with roasted veggies today and needed to get a small zuchinni and a small summer squash.  I already had an orange pepper.  The zuchinni and summer squash in two stores were from Mexico.  I am not buying any veggies from Mexico.  The squash are not in season, so I had to buy organic squash and paid $6.00 for two little squash.  So what choice do we have?  Die from poison sprays on veggies or die from not being able to afford organic, therefore going without.  The ideal is to have a garden and grow you own veggies and freeze them in those air tight bags that you use the food saver machine with.  The veggies last for a year in those air tight bags.  I have one of those food saver machines and just love it.  This year when veggies are in season, I’m stocking up and freezing them.

I stopped at the Food Co-op and bought some blood oranges because they are in season right now and so good for you.  I bought two very tiny little oranges.  Unreal at the price that they ask for them.  Will not be buying very many of those.  I bought two huge California oranges at the grocery store for less then the price of one of the little blood oranges.

I saw flowers going into the place I used to work.  Even though Valentines day isn’t until Sunday, some men sent their sweeties flowers at work for the occasion to give them pride in front of their co-workers. I can still remember the times I went without the acknowledgement of being thought of.  I never get anything on Valentines day.  So today while shopping I got myself a little rose plant.  My gentleman friend is very generous and does a lot for me and sends me roses lots of times.  Just not on times when pride can get hurt.  So I just have to somehow soothe my feelings, even though it’s not the same if I have to buy myself flowers on days that most people are thought of.


But I should be thankful that I am able to find fun in dreary days.  There is always something to be thankful for.  And that is for sure.

One thought on “Road Along the way

  1. Love the frozen falls photo. I remember when we lived in New Hampshire and how narrow roads made it hard to take photos as there was definitely no place to pull over when snow was on the ground.


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