Coffee in the Morning


Looks like the Cardinals all gathered at their favorite Cafe.

If I could design a house, I would have a breakfast knook with like a bay window where you could enjoy coffee in the morning and look out at country views.  I like a round table with the benches going around the window and soft cushions.  I like where the chandelier is, but I would have a crystal chandelier there.  I love the style of the chairs, but I would have cushions on the chairs that matched the cushions along the bench.  I like the lantern style lamp on the left.


In the kitchen, a window seat would be kind of neat to have.


Mostly I like lots of light and bringing the outdoors light in.  High, cathedral ceilings are so airy and light.


And then my wildest ideas that I have seen.  It’s a total French design.  But I wouldn’t dare cook in it, actually.  But I might steal that idea of design just over the stove and the color of the counter tops.  I like the fancy cupboards.  And the smaller island.  The shape of the ceiling.  Again, I like crystal chandeliers.  Not those.


I love the following pillow.

And also the comfy chair.  Then can you imagine a dining room with so much light and so airy.  And then the French doors are awesome.




A greenhouse for just enjoying plants.


And of course the garden plan.

The plot from upstairs2

So that  is my thoughts for coffee talk this morning.


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