Winter Day

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I love the area of this 1800’s refurbished house.  My best friend when I was growing up lived just down the road from there and had a similar view of Mt Ascutney in the distance.  Always loved that area.  It’s high up on Parker Hill.  I used to ride my bike up steep hills and sometimes walk in the summer near this area.  Another friend that used to ride on my school bus owns land near this place with even more views of distant mountains.  My parents used to drive in the summer over this road in the early evening near apple orchards and there were always deer out in the fields that were so peaceful and pretty to see.

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Love the window in the sun room and the french doors.

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Love the colors and style of one of the living rooms.

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Love the high post bed and the window curtains that match the comforter.  It’s a classic style that I think is beautiful.


Yesterday was partly cloudy.  I like how there is an open blue sky and then how pretty it looks as just an oval space with clouds closing in.


I like the way measuring stuff is hung on the wall and the wooden spoon pitcher holder and the French looking topiary in this kitchen idea.  I also like the wall just above the counter.  I can’t stand the subway tile that some designers seem to think looks so good.


I like aprons and the above is the new design that the Pioneer Woman is putting out that will be available in March.  I wonder if they will be available at Walmart like her dishes were.  So cute.

And that is my thoughts for today.

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