Saturday winter day


A good day for hot chocolate and  French chocolate macarons for a fun break.  Sounds good to me.


Outfit appropriate for the morning at least.  This time of year with nerves getting on edge from just everything, I like just taking it easy anyways.  Enough is enough of winter.  Looking forward to Spring and new beginnings.


I like this cute little Irish jar above.  So cute and impossible to find to buy.  Easy to make one similar and cute to have for St Patrics Day for the luck of the Irish.


Of all the coffee bars I’ve seen, the above one is still my favorite.  It’s simple and just neat.  I don’t like sugary coffee and all those syrups they put into coffee.  And if you get one of those milk plunger things and just heat a little milk in the microwave, Cappuccino is easy to make the froth for.  And you can buy the dark roast coffee or Espresso and just add a little more of the coffee to the brew when measuring to make it stand up to the froth for Cappuccino.  And just add a little melted chocolate to the coffee for mocha coffee.  Fancy enough for me, anyways.


Then on line, they have stencils that you can get to make fancy looking chalk boards, that is always fun to do and kind of impressive.


I like neat little boxes to organize everything that you need in one place.


Sometimes you don’t even need a stencil for the chalkboard.


I like how they make those designs in coffee.  So neat.


I like some of the creative coffee mugs that are out there.  My parents always called northern Vermont, up north.


Then there is the Bailey’s Irish Cream Hot Chocolate.  Sounds kind of good for a cold winter day.


I like the above coffee mug holder idea.

And this is my thoughts for this Saturday on a cold winter day.




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