Discoveries of the day


I’ve had my Moto X Smartphone for a long time and just discovered a new App for it called “Out of Milk” shopping list.  I love it!  To add an item, I can type it in or I can just use that little google microphone and say the item and it goes into the list.  It’s automatically divided into the heading where it belongs like Produce, Dairy etc.  And you can put in the price under the item when you put the item in the cart.  It tells you a running total of the cost of all the items in your cart.  And you just touch the screen by little checkmark square place and it puts a line through the item when you put the item in your cart.  So awesome.  Now my shopping list is always with me and I don’t know how many times I’ve made a list and left it home before I got this app for my cell phone.  My smartphone is always with me.  I love it.

out of milk

I like the cute little widget for the App that goes on your home screen, also.  Just touch that widget and up comes your shopping list.


Another catalog that I got in my mail is the Nordstrom catalog.  So awesome.  It has two pages in it with expensive perfume samples that you can try.


Then some of the Spring styles are to put on the wish list.


dress 2

Then I got a neat Seed catalog that is fun to get ideas on what would be nice to plant in a few months.


I like to watch HGTV and the Flea Market Flip program that they have.  They are always finding something that makes a nice profit for them to do over and flip.  I would never be lucky enough to find a hutch like the following.  But I love the shape of the old hutch someone found and painted and made a coffee bar with.  Kind of neat.


I love the color of it and all the neat storage.  I could think of a lot of ideas that I have seen to decorate that done over hutch really nice.


I love the above photo.  It’s actually like Spring here at the moment and not at all like Winter.  Very unusual.

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