February 25, 2016


I like the above French terry sweatsuit.  It’s from Nordstrom and it’s 100% cotton which I like.  You have to buy the top and the pants separate and I would wear a long sleeve T-shirt under it.  It’s perfect for this time of year for any kind of workout like the Lesley Sans aerobic walk DVD to walk away the pounds.


I also like the above necklace designed by Heidi Daus and found on HSN.  The combination of the pearls and the beautiful blue tear drop stone.  It’s just so pretty.  Usually anything stunning like that sells out fast, but this one is expensive and seems to be still available.


Then I saw a neat on line class from Udemy where they have a half price course offer for making sourdough bread like a professional artisan bread.  Sounds like a fun and very informative course where you could learn a lot.  It had 5 star ratings on the reviews of the course.


The above sourdough starter and King Arthur Flour sour dough crock would be awesome to have.


Then I saw a neat idea to make slow cooker Cashew Chicken like Chinese take out.  Sounds good to me.  I pinned it on my Pinterest board under slow cooker recipes.


I also saw an idea for white tulips mixed with deep blue flowers.  So pretty.


I saw the above mug that said “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”  on the mug.  So cute.


Can you imagine having enough land to have a cute chicken coop like the above?  Having farm fresh eggs every day.


This one is cute, too.

101990048.jpg.rendition.largest (1)

I love the above greenhouse.  Totally awesome.  My sister in law has one almost like it.  Hers has all kinds of shelves and potting benches in it.

And that is my thoughts for today in Vermont.  It rained here last night almost to the point of flooding in some places along with very loud thunder and it’s supposed to get cold again tomorrow and probably snow a little.  Extremely unusual Vermont weather.  Spring isn’t far away and I saw that they were boiling sap and making maple syrup today.

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