Friday Finds


My Grandparents lived in a little town in the North East Kingdom area of Vermont called Greensboro Bend.  Just for fun I tried to find a photo of the farm on the internet.  And I actually found one.  They had 217 acres of land on the farm and as a kid I treasure the times that we visited every summer for a week or so.


I remember the beautiful garden my Gram always had.  The berries that always grew behind the shed where my Grandpa kept his Ford tractor.  My aunt made the most scrumptious raspberry pies that were light, buttery crust and just a sweet memory.  The huge fields where my brothers used to help with bringing in the hay.  The beautiful cows that my younger brother and I sometimes helped Grandpa bring in at the end of the day.  Then they had a couple of horses.  The front porch had a glider swing on it.  To me, this place holds a lot of sweet memories.

Lots of times they had family reunions and we would all gather at one of the beautiful lakes in the area.  All kinds of food, laughter  and good times.

The above photo is how the farm looks now. Nothing like it used to be.  My cousin sold it to some people that don’t treasure it as far as I can see.   I remember it as a magic place, so clean with just  manicured and perfect landscape.  Lots of laughter and small talk ringing out from the front porch on beautiful summer evenings.  My younger brother and I used to play croquet on the front lawn where there was a U-shaped driveway in front of the porch.  There was a ceramic little deer sitting near a bird bath.  Summer flowers everywhere.

There was a huge dining room table and I remember fresh garden vegetables from the garden and fun dinners.  My aunt cooked at a private school and she had all the recipes from her Grandmother.  She always made bran muffins in the morning included in breakfast.


The above is a photo that my Gram had of the farmhouse.  This is how I remember it.  Now all the paint is off the barn.  Grafiti in orange on the porch posts.  Junk all over the place.  Wow, wish we could back in time sometimes.  But I guess we can always keep the memories in our hearts.

images (1)

I used to have a bumper sticker that said “Virginia is for Lovers”.  I like the little addition to the bumper sticker above.  Virginia is a beautiful state and reminds me a lot of Vermont.  When my kids were little, we used to go to Florida to Disney World once in awhile on vacations and I remember traveling through West Virginia and Virginia.  I always liked that John Denver song about almost heaven, West Virginia, blue ridge mountains,Shanondoa River.  Life is old there, older then the trees etc………


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