My little indoor garden is all the gardening I can have fun with at this time of year.  It needs some work and I think that I will add a few plants this week.


Cute idea from Sur la table that was in my e-mail this morning.


Neat beehive baking pan for the Honey Lemon Cakelets that they have.


I like the aprons they have.  Spring is just around the corner.


King Arthur flour sent an e-mail with their carrot cake recipe that calls for King Arthur white whole-wheat flour.  It sounds healthy as well as tasty.


I think these little cookie cutters are neat.  I think they are from Williams-Sonoma and the idea was in my e-mail this morning.


Cute bakeware, also.


Yesterday on the Food Network, they had cast iron skillet ideas.  The above is a buttermilk strawberry cake that Tricia Yearwood shared a recipe for.  She made strawberry whipped cream with her kitchen aid mixer for a topping.  And she shared a recipe from Garth Brooks brother for roasted, candied pecans to put on top for an option.  It’s kind of fun to watch a cooking show and then just go to the food network website and all the recipes are right there under their celebrity chefs shows.  The recipes that I like, I can just save by pushing the pin button for one of my pinterest boards.  Then I can just have the recipe come up on my i-pad if I want to try to make the recipe.


I like having Comcast Cable because they combine TV, Internet and phone all on one bill at a reasonable price.  And I connect my cell phone, i-pad and laptop to the internet.  Who knew I could be that technical.  Plus all phone calls whether they are long distance or local are free of charge.  One of the pleasures that are available to me and I just appreciate being able to take advantage of cable.  I love having a blog and enjoy all the fun bloggers that are out there.


St. Patricks Day is just around the corner.  I have a whole board on my Pinterest on fun ideas for St. Patricks Day.


I like tablescape ideas.

224acb7068f6fa4d6ce9fd6cfad2a9d5 (1)

Then there is always the corned beef and cabbage slow cooker recipes to try.


You can download those water bottle labels on line.  I like cut out cookies to decorate in green.  So many cute ideas.

I have had to work at jobs that I didn’t particularly like, but some of the skills that I learned have made my life more enjoyable in the long run.  My Mom used to always say that they can never take away from you, anything that you learn.  I just hung around and soaked up information and actually helped out in jobs that required time consuming stuff that really educated people just didn’t have the time for.  In turn, they taught me a few skills.  I surprise myself sometimes at the things that I can do.  Like hooking up wi-fi, connecting my DVD player to the TV.  Only because I had to as it is sink or swim more or less.

And that is my thoughts for this beautiful, sunny but chilly Sunday morning. ❤

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