February 5, 2015


We just got a dusting of snow in southern Vermont today.  Winter is trying to come back.


The ski areas can make snow when the temperatures are like they are today.  Up in the mountains it’s usually way cold this time of year. I have a wild and crazy friend that claims he used to ride his motorcycle to work down Hog Back Mountain in the winter before the roads were plowed, scarf flying in the wind.  I can just picture it.  If you know Vermont, that road going into West Brattleboro is no road that you want to travel in the winter, never mind on a motorcycle.


I ordered the above book yesterday on Amazon.  You can look into the book on Amazon and I saw two recipes that really looked good to me.  One recipe was Ski Vermont Farmhouse Chowder.  It had a lot of flavor ingredients like Vermont Apple Cider, hot Italian Sausage, onion, celery, smoked paprika, majaram and fresh basil plus heavy cream added to chicken stock along with the potatoes.  Yum.


Then I saw a Connecticut Farm Table cookbook by the same author and ordered that book, also.  And the really good part is, I don’t have a lot of money to spend.  So, on Amazon they have books that are like new for a fraction of the price.  So I got two books for less then the price of one.  One of the books has never been used and the other one is in like new condition.


The Red Flannel Hash from that book sounded good.


Then the Pistou soup, which is so French.


Also, there was an Apple Muffin recipe.  I really like apple muffins.


So yesterday I ordered both of those books.  I also went shopping for groceries and saw a heart shaped bamboo plant.  I love plants, anyways, and I love bamboo.  So I just had to get that plant.


It was a Valentines gift to myself.  Even the cashier at the grocery store thought it was cute.

And what a fun day I had being stuck in Vermont.

February 4, 2016


Today was a mild day in the 40’s.  The Connecticut River is all open with no ice on it.  Above is a little set back from the Connecticut River that I go by when I go shopping.  There is a boat landing near there.  I could not believe that there were ice fisherman on that set back…….I was not about to get any closer to it, but can you believe there were about 8 or so men out on that ice fishing???  You can see a few of the little houses they put out on the ice and you can barely see the fisherman.  But sometimes they even put vehicles out on that ice when they really shouldn’t and cars have gone through before.  Today, you could see water on top of the ice.  Unreal.

I go up route 5 along the Connecticut River when I go shopping and there is a place right near the river where they have lambs.  Usually they are out in a fenced field by the road, but today they were in a barn that had like a garage door that was up about 1/3 of the way and they were peeking out.  So cute.


The Democratic debate in New Hampshire is on TV tonight, so I guess that I will watch and see what they say.


February 3, 2016


One of my favorite desserts is New York Cheesecake.  I have a recipe that is from an old Better Homes and Garden cookbook from the 60’s.  That recipe makes the best cheesecake ever.  It’s not hard to make, but it is time consuming.  I took the cheesecake to a family gathering one time years ago.  A sister-in-law that is not my favorite person in the world, called me the next day asking for the recipe.  I gave her the recipe and if I remember right, she got mad at all the steps it took.  I used a blender for the crust and a mixer for the filling and you have to put the cheesecake pan in water in another pan under it when you bake it.  And I think there is grated lemon peel in the crust.  But I think that it is worth the effort, myself.

I used to have a collection of really good recipes.  At one time a few years ago, I got a computer software called “Cook’n”.  It was really neat because you could make a cookbook of favorite recipes with it.  And it organized all your favorite recipes.  I gathered family recipes from cousins and had fun with it.  Plus I remembered some of my Mom’s and Gram’s recipes.  But lost interest in it for some reason or other.


It’s fun for me to cook and bake and I think that if I had made a career of it and had gone to culinary school, I think that my work would not have been work at all because I enjoy every aspect of cooking.

As a second job at one time, I got to work weekends at a spa cooking breakfast and lunch.  There were only 25 people that I had to cook for, and I got to wear a chefs jacket.  They made me clean the refrigerators (there were 4 huge wall refrigerators) and I had to clean the round glass table tops in a huge dining room.  Then I had to wash dishes.  And a young Chef from Austria used to make me lots of extra dishes from having a parties on Friday nights  with her friends and then leave the dishes with pans that were not easy to scrub before putting through the dish washer.  But just getting to work there was awesome to me.   Plus I learned a lot from real Chefs.

Oh well.  It’s not an easy world.  That is for sure.  It takes more then being good at what you do.  My Mom used to say that anything you learn, no one can ever take away from you.

Another one of my Mom’s sayings was to have the faith of a mustard seed.  I actually have a charm that goes on a charm bracelet that has a tiny mustard seed in a little silver disk.

mustard seed

I like kitchen gadgets.  Over the years I have collected lots of useful stuff for the kitchen as has most everyone.

ipad 2

And that’s my thoughts for a rainy February day in Vermont.  I can not believe this weather.  Very unusual.


Morning Sun


When I looked out my kitchen window this morning while I was making coffee, I thought that the morning sun was really pretty.  I love how the sun made the clouds red.

I like to have coffee in one of my favorite mugs.  Dark roast coffee always makes for a nice morning.


Oatmeal is really fun to have in the morning.  I entered a contest at Quaker Oats for thinking up a recipe with oatmeal and no more then 5 ingredients.


Pfalzgraff Pistoulet is one of my favorite patterns for dishes.  I think it’s because I love anything that reminds me of France.

My son goes to the gym every morning at 5:00 AM and runs 3 miles on the treadmill and lifts weights.  I will only do aerobic walking after about 7:00 AM.  Sometimes I will use a Malibu Palates chair that I have or follow a yoga DVD.

Never a dull minute.  Had to have my car inspected today.  Glad I got that over with for another year.


February 2, 2016


Because I needed to make a Birthday card with Walgrens photo machine, I went to Burdick’s Chocolate and had a hot chocolate while the card was being processed.  I just loved the little heart chocolate boxes.

Then I saw all the neat goodies in their Cafe.  It always reminds me of a French Cafe for some reason.  I love that place.


I know the work that it takes to make a  buttery croissant and they are worth every cent of the price that they cost.

Then the Madeleines.  Yum!  Almond-lime with raspberry and Chocolate almond with orange.  They are just a delight.


Oh, the Macarons.  So awesome.


I would love that whole box of Macarons.


Then the cute little chocolate mice.  Sooo cute!


Burdick’s has all kinds of fancy treats.


They had a new flavor of hot chocolate and I really enjoyed a cup of that to go and I enjoyed it on the way home.  Made my day.


February 2, 2016


Because it is a dreary time of year, I think that a new lipstick would be a nice way to make the day a little brighter.  They had this Revlon Ultra HD lipstick on the Today Show this morning as one of the best products of the year from Better Homes and Garden Magazine survey picks.  Definitely going to try it.


I like this door idea.  It would be nice to have for February.


Cute key hole.


I think the above cookies are cute and would be fun as well as easy to make.

Another product that was in the best products of the year was Chobani Greek Yogurt Oats.  I have seen it on the shelves and now I think I might try it.  Doesn’t sound good to me.  But I will give it a try.


The Savoritz Rosemary Olive Oil Woven Wheat Crackers sounds good to me.  That was another one of the picks from Better Homes and Gardens best products of the year.  I definitely want to try them.


And I really like Oil of Olay products.  They had two of their products as the best for the year.  Going to try both of them.



Then their pick for the best toothpaste of the year sounded good, too.  Worth a try, I think.61igk9QQxUL._SL1120_

And that is the stuff I found interesting so far for the day.

January 31, 2016


Kind of a very quiet Sunday. Can’t believe how warm the weather is.  It’s in the 40’s.  Usually this time of year in Vermont is like 10 below zero.

It’s a good morning for pancakes.


Saw this neat idea for a coffee station.  It’s like a little Cafe in your house.


I think it would be neat to have a chicken coop and have fresh eggs every day.  I like the idea of milk in a bottled glass.


I like this little hat that you can knit that looks like a cabbage patch doll.


I think these carved bears are cute. They are in front of Sams Steak House in Ludlow, VT.