March 2, 2016


I think that the above little cupcake is kind of cute.  Last year they had that decoration in the Walmart at a very reasonable price.  I don’t know about this year.


The above cupcake is also kind of cute.  The little lamb is made out of marzipan.  There are some cute ideas for Spring cupcakes.

bunny deviled eggs

Another cute idea for deviled eggs. I have all kinds of deviled eggs recipes as well as little dishes to hold them in.


White hyacinths are so Spring and smell so sweet.  I saw some bulbs in a jar like this at Walmart yesterday for a very good price.

Lenox 2

I like Lenox dishware for Spring.  They had a really nice set on a Todays Special on QVC home shopping for a really good price today.  Who could resist it when it costs $400.00 on the Lenox website and only $169.00 for their special.  Plus easy pay of a small amount a month.  Just makes you smile to look at it.


Cute ideas for cut out cookies.  I like just simple designs and do not like anything that has to be really artistic.


Nutter butter cookie semi-home made idea.

I don’t particularly like sugar as it is really bad for health.  But anything in moderation.  On a holiday, I think it is fun to have little treats.


I have no idea how they managed to fold a napkin like the above, but it’s cute anyways.  I worked at a country Inn at one time and they folded the napkins like a fan which is easy to do and looks so elegant.


I like crudite as it is so Spring like and also healthy.

The Super Tuesday is over for the primaries.  I watched a little of it on TV.  Myself, I wish that I never watched any of it.  It’s just not fun.  I exercised my right to vote and did so from the best of my ability from what I have witnessed from watching debates and all.

And that is my thoughts for today.  ❤



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