March 8, 2016


Some of the wreaths that people have on their doors in the Spring are so creative and look so cute.


I like Forsythia on a grapevine wreath.


It especially looks nice with a stained wood background.


I like the color of the above wreath, also.

Forcing Tulips in Water[4]

I like how tulips look in a vase like the above when they force grow them inside early.


I like the coffee mugs that they have at Stuart and John’s Sugar house.  It was fun going there over the weekend and having blueberry pancakes with warm maple syrup and melted butter.


The entry was packed when we got to the Sugar House and they have neat benches where you can wait for a table.

Easter basket for an adult

Because I’m a kid at heart, I love the above idea for an adult Easter Basket.

And that is my thoughts for today.  I like this time of year as one of the four seasons of New England.


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