Traditional Vermont Easter Dinner


I like how my Mom used to make a ham for Easter with a brown sugar and pineapple juice glaze on it.  She made a diamond cut pattern across it and put pineapple slices and cherries over it and then whole cloves studded across the ham and baked it.  It was really good.

Mashed Potatoes

She usually had mashed potatoes with melted butter and Spring chives on top.


Usually some asparagus and carrots.


Then my grandmother always brought home made rolls that were scrumptious.



There was always a relish tray….


A cheese tray with grapes and crackers….


She usually made a big tossed salad………


Then a Lemon Merangue Pie…….


Usually she made a Chocolate Cream pie, also…..

And that is the memories of Easter dinners in Vermont when I was growing up with favorite dishes that I remember.  I have tried to recreate some of the dishes from time to time.


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