Maple Time


This time of year with warm days and cold nights, the sap runs from maple trees and maple syrup can be made by boiling down the sap.


The above is a sugar house where they boil down the sap and make maple syrup.


It’s quite a procedure and takes a lot of sap to make pure maple syrup.


There are several grades of the syrup from light amber to dark.  But it’s all really good.



They make all kinds of products from maple syrup, maple cream to maple candy.


Then they have sugar on snow that they serve with donuts and pickles traditionally.  I always remember a sugar on snow party that a teacher that we had in school would always take her class to her house when they were making maple syrup in their sugar house and we would have all of the above.




They make all kinds of maple products.  This weekend on the Vermont Public television program special, they had maple recipes and a two hour program on everything maple.

Maple In Autumn

shopping (2)

If you donated money to their network, they had a gift package that included all kinds of maple products and the above cook book by Kate Webster.  Really neat recipes in that book using maple syrup.  They also posted a lot of the recipes from the program on their website.

So it is maple season now and Vermont is known for maple products.

And that is my maple thoughts for the day.


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