March 16, 2016


This month is National Craft Month.  I like the Anna Griffin stuff that they had on HSN Home Shopping today.  I especially like that French style chair.


I love the above idea for a French style sewing and craft room.  The French looking cabinet and the chandelier and French doors.  I would have the French doors looking out over garden paths.


I like the above idea, also.  I like that table with storage shelves and lots of work room.


I like to crochet and the easiest to do is granny squares.  I like the colors used in the above.


I like how they put a shelf over the farmers sink in the above kitchen.  I think that is a stained glass type huge sun catcher over the shelf.  I like the faucet and I like the window cabinets to display dishes.


I like the looks of the above bird house.  One year at our local library they gave out plain bird houses and you could design it any way you wanted.  Then they auctioned them off to raise money for the library.  I made mine the color of the one above and had a copper roof something like the roof on the above photo.  My friend, Sigurd, made the roof in his wood working shop with some copper that he had.  I call Sigurd my “Tool Man”  because he has every tool to work with that was ever created, I think.


I like the looks of the above spring Afghan.  That is awesome crocheted in granny squares, and I like how the pink pops with the black border.


I think that the above little bunny cupcake is adorable.


I think it would be fun to have something like the above in a sewing room for inspiration.


Storage boxes are expensive, but if you buy a plain one and cover it with a material that you like, I think it would be fun to store favorite magazines on a book shelf.  I think with a glue gun, it would be reasonably easy to do.


I like the above material to use on the storage boxes.  And then just the light green with white dots for a lining.


The Flower and Garden Show is in Boston this week.  Really beautiful ideas there.  I am checking on ways to get there…..Maybe I can figure out something.  It costs a lot to park your car and the traffic is not fun to drive in.  So I’m thinking of one of the bus tours that includes the ticket and also dinner on the way back at a really reasonable price.  I think the dinner is your choice of Yankee Pot Roast or Stuffed Haddock.  What a nice day that would be.  Sunday is the last day and Friday is better to go because weekends are really crowded.  It might be OK to drive down to Boston if you left your car at a T-line on the outskirts  of Boston and then took that into the city right to the Flower Show and also would not have to pay so much to park your car.

And that’s my thoughts for the day.

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