March 18, 2016


I like Spring flowers.  There are all kinds of them in the stores right now in pots that you can buy.  It’s even more beautiful when they start blooming in the Spring in gardens.

Mt Tom

I love the above photo that was taken on Easter morning at a sunrise service on Mt Tom in Woodstock, Vermont.

Easter bunny

When my son was little, we used to tell him that the Easter Bunny lived in a field across from our house where we used to live.  Now he brings his little kids to the same spot and tells them that is  where the Easter Bunny lives.  It’s fun when he tells us about their expressions.  Love it.


I think tulips are beautiful.  The above tulips were the color theme one year at the Woodstock Inn.  Every year they have new themes.


Cute little lamb. ❤

And that’s my thoughts for today.



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