March 24, 2016


I’ve got to try the Vermont Yoga Bread that has cranberries and pumpkin seeds.  They make that bread in Brattleboro, VT.  It sounds like it’s healthy as well as tasty.


Cabot butter is kind of good, also.


In a few weeks the Spring blossoms should be out.  The apple tree blossoms and Pear tree blossoms are fragrant and just beautiful.


I like the above photo of Tasha Tudor’s Spring garden.  She is an author and an artist.  Her son built her that house in an old Vermont style.


I love the above covered bridge in Hartland, VT.

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Waterfalls are just so beautiful.


Spring cows.


Another view of Tasha Tudor’s garden.


Cabot Vermont Cheddar cheese is my favorite.  At the Vermont Country Store in Rockingham, they have  huge wheels of the Extra Sharp Cabot Vermont Cheddar.  I used to work at that store at one time and I can tell you that cheese is really good.  They also have Grafton cheese and all kinds of artisan cheeses.


Vermont Maple Syrup is a natural sweetner.




Ben & Jerry’s near Stowe, VT is a fun place to visit.  They have tours of where they make their ice cream and free samples.  Then they have a gift shop and a place where you can buy ice cream cones with all their flavors to choose from.





A bird that stays in Vermont year round is the Goldfinch.  We get a lot of them that come to bird feeders in the winter.


That’s the view from Simon Pierce Restaurant.  I like it in the summer when the Hot Air Balloons go down the river and at the last minute hit the gas and go up above that bridge.


I like the above Spa Butterfly soap set that is hand carved and hand poured in Vermont. Such pretty Spring colors.


The above Diner has been in Bellows Falls ever since I can remember.


Vermont is just a beautiful state.  I love it.

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