April 1, 2016


My youngest son took the day off from work and came over and we had a fun visit.  We went to the Black Rock Steak House and had Fish and Chips.  So fun and it included a salad bar and seafood chowder.

Forsythia Show Off 7523 lr1

I noticed that the Forsythia is out already.  So pretty.


Later in the day today I went shopping for groceries and I couldn’t believe it, but I saw the above colorful bird as I was coming back home traveling down Route 5.  I read that they were in Vermont and they are a North Carolina and Gulf port bird.  So pretty.


The above chickens remind me of the ones that my Dad used to have.  They like to be free to roam wherever they want.  But to keep them safe, my Dad used to try and keep them fenced in.  No matter how hard he tried to keep them fenced, they always managed to get out and be free range.


I think the above photo looks like Serenity.  I would love to have a place on the water like that.


There is a place in Underhill, Vermont that sells pies.  It’s all on the honor system and I have heard that the pies are really good.


Then sometimes on Sundays they sell donuts.  They always have a huge line and they open at 8:00 AM and they always sell out by 10:00 AM.


One of the donuts that sounds really good is the Lemon filled Pistachio donut.


Sounds like a really fun place.




You see a lot of little stands like that in Vermont using the honor system.  So neat.

And that’s my thoughts for today,.



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