Today was a very cold and windy day.  I went shopping and got all the ingredients to make a Tuscan Vegetable soup.  I’m going to make it tomorrow using my Le Creuset pot.  I went to the food Co-op to get the zuchini and rainbow chard.  I got the Cannellini beans and caned diced tomatoes at the grocery store.  I had all the rest of the ingredients on hand.  Tomorrow is going to be very cold and a perfect day for the soup.  The recipe sounds really good and also easy to make.  It calls for Parmesan cheese on top to serve.  My favorite.

Elie+Krieger+Tuscan+vegetable+soup (1)

I have some artisan Sunflower seed bread that will be perfect to have with the soup.


I would love a bundt pan shaped like the above cake.  I found a recipe for a lemon cake using a bundt pan that would be perfect to have.  They have a pan similar to the above shape at King Arthur Flour.  I pinned the recipe on my Cake Pinterest board.  Also, the Tuscan Vegetable Soup recipe is on my Ellie Krieger board on Pinterest.  I just bring the recipe up on my ipad and follow the recipe.


I like the above quote.


And I bought a new Ivy plant today.  I love plants.  They require a little care, but just always seem to be cheerful and fun to have.


main_variation_Default_view_1_426x426 (1)

I saw the above recipe for Spring pasta that has made from scratch pasta and sliced at an angle asparagus that looks like a nice Spring recipe.  I pinned the recipe to my Pasta board on Pinterest.  I think I would just use fresh pasta from the grocery store.

And that is my thoughts for today.

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