April 5, 2016


The Robins are back a little early.  We got snow yesterday and it’s going to be cold all week.


When it snows this time of year they call it “sugar snow”.  It somehow makes the sap run longer in the maple syrup making season.


I think the above wine glass is kind of cute.  I saw it on Amazon.


I’ve been refilling my home made spice blends from recipes that I find.  I like my Paula Deen house blend that is good on everything.  I have a little shaker container like the above one with a handle on it that works nice.


I like the above idea for a pantry.  The little stepping stool is neat, also.  I get a Woman’s World magazine every week and this week they had all kinds of ideas for organizing a pantry.


I like plants and hanging plants are fun to have.  The above plant is called “String of Pearls”.  I had one like this at one time and I think I will get another one.


I copied this recipe for a dipping oil.  We don’t have a Carraba’s near here, but there is a Lui Lui where they have a dipping oil similar to the one above.  It is just so good.


I think the above sign is cute to have at a wedding.  When I got married way back, they instructed the ushers to seat the brides family on one side and the grooms family on the other side of the church.


Feeling a little low in spirits today.  I think I’ll just go shopping and have a mocha lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Comfort food.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

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