Tea Ideas


I like vintage tea cups.  On my bucket list is to have an afternoon tea party.


Have all the fixings and everything fancy.


Have something elegant to wear.


Maybe an outdoor garden tea.


Or afternoon tea on the deck.


Fancy swan cookies…..


Reckless abandon French Herb cheese and radish crostinis……


Butterfly tea bags…..


Scones with home made jam……………….


Everything fancy that makes a tea party fun…..


I would also like to visit a fancy tea house…..


My favorite of all favorites would be to visit the Tuck Box in Carmel by the Sea and have breakfast.  They have scones that are from a Scottish recipe and fancy jams.


They have a gift shop beside the place where you can buy that teapot with an image of the Tuckbox on it.


The scones look scrumptious.


You can also buy their jams and scone mix.


Just a fun place and they also have tables outside as well as inside with open beams and a cottage feeling.

TuckBox web lg

You can see the gift shop on the right and then where the gate is, there is like a place for outdoor tables to enjoy the salt air of Carmel by the Sea with your tea.  That place is just awesome and would be the ultimate place to visit and have tea.


One of my fondest memories was when I took a walk across Nantucket Island from Brandt Point to Surf Side.  On the way back, I stopped into this little cafe and had some Peppermint tea.  I remember that tea so well and after the long walk, it just was so fun to have.  I think that Peppermint tea is one of my favorites.

And that’s my thoughts for today on a kind of chilly April Sunday morning.


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