April 14, 2016


I love it in the Spring when the grass gets green again and the new leaves start coming out on the trees.  The new leaves are always a light green at first.


There’s a flower that has a technical name, but we always called them Johnny Jump Ups.  They have the color of a pansy but are the size of a violet and they just spread all over the place when they are planted.  At one time I had a neighbor that planted some by her mailbox and they traveled over by my mailbox.  So pretty.  I love them.


I planted some of the Johnny Jump ups in my dish garden last year.  When the local flower place opens this year I’m going to get some more of them.  They have a ton of the flowers for about a week or so and everyone buys them up fast.  So I always keep checking to make sure I don’t miss out on them.


I like Hyacinths and at the Walmart they had little ones not quite to the stage as the ones above, but they were only $1.00.  Such a neat idea to put them in a mason jar with the white stones and some moss.  Mason jars are so handy.


My favorite Spring flowers are lilacs and apple blossoms.  What a neat idea to put the two together.

spring 1

Spring blossoms are just beautiful.


I like the above sewing table.  It is online at Walmart for only $100.00.  When you are not using it, it folds up into a neat cabinet and you can put your sewing machine on that shelf in the middle.

quilt 3

With a sewing machine it’s fun and easy to make a quilt.  I like the above style.


I like aprons and the Tea and Crumpets apron is so cute.  I like how you can copy the expensive idea and make it your own for less money if you sew it yourself.  And you can make it exactly to what is your own taste.


The above is what Barefoot Contessa’s garden looks like in the Spring on Long Island.  The white tulips and purple lower height flowers look so stunning.  Then the manicured hedges and Spring blossoms on the fruit trees are just plain pretty.  The look could be copied on a little smaller piece of space and still look spectacular.


I drive by this forsythia with the covered bridge in the background in the Spring when I go shopping and I love the above photo that I captured of it.  Forsythia is just so pretty.


I just love how it looks in a wreath for a door in the Spring.


They have an on line course on Craftsy.com called Classic European Tortes.  The instructor is Wilhelm Wanders from King Arthur Flour.    You get materials, recipes and 5 videos classes for $29.99.  What a fun course.  He shows how to make the German Black Forest cake, the Sacher Torte, the Dobas Torte and the Swedish Princess Torte.


To get the recipe for the Black Forest Cake and the Sacher Torte would be worth the price of admission in my opinion.


Veggie garden and dip

I like gardens and the above idea for veggies and dip that looks like a garden looks easy to create and fun.  I have all the instructions somewhere on my Pinterest boards.

spring paris VII

Can you imagine Paris in the Spring time??  Awesome.  I like how they had prim roses and then white and red tulips.  So colorful.


Spring has got to be my favorite time of the year.  It’s like new beginnings.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


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