April 15, 2016


I like how the landscape looks for an early Spring painting.  Vermonters call this “new green”.

Lilacs etc 002

My favorite of all favorites is lilacs.  The aroma from these Spring flowers is just sweet.  If you have a bouquet in a room, the whole room smells like lilacs.


Everything just gets so green in the Spring.


Last year when I went for walks along the walking trail, there was a little chipmunk that would scurry across the trail every now and then.  I called him “Henry”.


I think that the above is a pretty setting.


I like the above idea for a curtain.


And I love the above book case.  Someone made the book case and made it look antique.


And then the above craft table for a sewing room would be nice.  I like the color that they painted it.  It could be used for crafts and also a cutting table for sewing material.


I like the above ironing board table that was made from a small kitchen island.  One for the laundry room where you could also use it to fold clothes as well as for ironing.


I think the above would look cute in a sewing room.


I like the button carpet, vaulted ceiling and all the natural light in the above sewing room.


Sometimes when I go to Keene, there is a Long Horn Restaurant where they have a dish called “Napa Chicken”.  It is so good and I found a copy cat recipe for it and pinned it on my copy cat recipes board on Pinterest.


I love the above idea.  I have a little container like that and I bought the red tulip, the daffodil and the white hyacinth little plants that were only $1.00 each at the Walmart.  I hope they look half as cute as that when they all bloom.

And that is my thoughts for today.




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