April 16, 2016

IMG_20160415_112038375 (1)

It’s kind of fun making a little indoor garden that has daffodils, white hyacinth and red tulips.  They seem to be doing quite well so far.  I sometimes put kitchen herbs in that container.

Herb 2

I think I will do the herbs again in the container when the Spring bulbs go by.  I bought that container with herb seeds with it for almost nothing in the grocery store out of season on sale a few years ago.


I got some pansies at the Walmart for only $1.86 and just set them in a butterfly planter.  Kind of cheerful for Spring.


Little things like that just make me smile.


I like the above idea for a pegboard for a craft and/or sewing area.


The above embroidery is cute for a sewing room.  Someone made it and it was on sale on Etsy at one time.  They always have cute stuff on Etsy.


I like the above tea cup.  They always have tea cups on Ebay that are just elegant and sometimes at a good price.  I like to browse at them and put them on my wish list.


A tiny little Chocolate Macaron like the above costs $3.50 at Burdicks Chocolate.  They are really good but could be made at home for like 1/10th of that price.  Unreal.


Feeling like having some French Onion soup.  I like when you can have a half salad and soup at the Long Horn Steak House for lunch.  Their French Onion Soup is so good.


Then a grilled chicken salad with strawberries to go with the French Onion Soup.  The half salad is huge.  And really reasonable price at lunch.


I have a really nice juice machine and sometimes it’s just fun to juice apples, celery, cucumber, lemon and kale.  You get a green smoothie like the above.


I like the Middle Bridge in Woodstock in the Spring.  All through Woodstock, the store fronts all have window boxes.  You see a lot of pansies in the Spring and each season they have beautiful window boxes.

And that’s my thoughts for today….



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