April 24, 2016


When I was driving through town yesterday, they had daffodils and red tulips in a little enclosed by single bricks garden in front of one of the local Banks.  Such a pretty combination.


Something that I think is awesome is the above Kelly Way Gardens that the Woodstock Inn has.  They grow all fresh vegetables and flowers for their Inn.  So beautiful.


I saw the above recipe for Parisian Potage.  It sounds like a potato and leek soup with Gruyere cheese sprinkling on top and a little parsley.  It’s a Jacques Pepin recipe and just so French, that I might think it would be fun to make.


I like the color and style of the above pocketbook.  It looks like the extremely expensive designer purse, but it’s affordable.



One of my favorite fashion bloggers featured the above dress from the Loft.  She said that it was $25.00 on sale and she wore it to church.  But you could dress it down with a dungaree jacket.  I looked the dress up on line at the Loft and it was originally $156.00 for the dress, so it is quite a deal.  I couldn’t get the price down to $25.00, but I got it down to $54.00 with the deals I could find on it.  The fashion bloggers are better at dealing and finding the discounts then I am.  But I think the dress is a classic and nice to have.


I needed a book case for my home office.  I wanted one that was solid wood and sturdy but I couldn’t spend a lot of money on it.  So I found the above book case at a yard sale for only $10.00.  I love it.  It’s just right and it’s solid wood and very sturdy.  One of the best finds ever.  The girl was moving to California and it was a moving sale.  She was just about giving stuff away because she didn’t want to have to move the stuff.


I like the Long Horn Steakhouse and yesterday I got 3 recipes in my E-mail from the Long Horn Steakhouse.  Their Bourbon Marinated Salmon, Parmesan Baked Chicken and their Grilled Rib Eye.  So their Steak, Salmon and Chicken recipes.  I pinned them on my copycat recipe board on my Pinterest.  Nice to have and the Long Horn Steak house is quite a distance from where we live so we don’t go there often enough.



Then I got some really neat ideas from watching Kelsey’s Essentials on the Cooking Channel last week.  The episode was called “Spice and Easy”.  She made up her own spice combinations for a seafood and fish blend, a Cinn-a-spice creme bru lee and oven roasted potatoes with a spice blend.

cq5dam.web.266.200 (1)

Kelsey made a pan seared halibut with the spice blend and a homemade tartar sauce that she gave the recipe for.  I pinned that recipe on my fish board on Pinterest.

cq5dam.web.266.200 (2)

The potatoes were fingerling potatoes cut in half and she roasted them with this really neat spice blend that she put in a spice grinder.  Then she sprinkled parsley on top.  I pinned that recipe to my veggie board on Pinterest.


The Creme brulee looked really good with her cinnamon spice blend and I pinned that recipe on my dessert board or my French recipes board on my Pinterest.

And then an interesting cook show was a couple that went to Maine and had lobster rolls that had only melted butter poured over it.  They gave that recipe plus they rented a house boat and made lobster rissoto.  I put those 2 recipes on my fish board on my Pinterest.

cq5dam.web.266.200 (6)

cq5dam.web.266.200 (7)

I would love to visit Maine this summer and have some lobster.  Also their fried clams.  Yum!


Then something kind of interesting that came into my facebook was the above wedding dress cake.  It weighs 160 lbs and is 5 feet tall.  Amazing how they made that.  The cake was for the Cake International Exhibition at Alexandra Palace in London last weekend.




I like how the early morning dew looks in that field in the morning .  You can just tell that  grass is dew covered in the morning before the sun comes up.

And that’s my thoughts for today……


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