April 27, 2016


I like the above photo of Monet’s Garden.  So beautiful.  What a neat idea with the white tulips planted under what looks like a cherry blossom tree.  Then the splash of color with orange Black Eyed Susans mixed in with some purple hyacinths and some kind of yellow flower.  Maybe daffodils.


Then the 800 varieties of Tulips from the Netherlands.  Beautiful how they are in clusters of colors around a waterway with accents of green grass.


I like scallops and saw a tip on how to ask for “dry scallops” when you buy the scallops.  The dry scallops don’t have chemical additives and are an ivory pinkish color.

Bike Ride Picnic

I like to go on bike rides and like the above idea for a bike ride picnic.  I like that wicker basket that fits right on the front of a bike.  It looks like a couple of sandwiches, apples and maybe some kind of brownies or chocolate chip cookies in the goodies bag.  In the mason jar, I might put Sangrias with ice.

south school

The above is a photo of the elementary school that I went to.  That side of the building was not a main entrance.  I can remember school photos taken on those steps of classes of about 30 kids each year with each grade teacher.  In front of that side was a steep bank with steps in the middle.  Then a field where the boys played baseball.  To the right end of the building was a playground and to the left was a main entrance, a flag pole and 3 huge pine trees to the side.  They tore the building down years ago.  Such fond memories there and now it’s just all gone.


What a pretty garden idea.  In Manchester, VT they have Robert Todd Lincoln’s house called Hildene.  In the back of the house, there are gardens something like the above only even more beautiful.  Fun to have a tour of the house and the grounds in the summer.


Another honor system farm stand…….


The Green Mountains of Vermont……..


I love Vermont.


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