I like organizers.  They are fun to get creative with and actually it’s fun with to-do lists and to check them off as you do your daily tasks.  I’ve seen lots of ideas and expensive accessories that some people have.  Myself, I am on a budget but still can splurge on a nice basic set of a notebook and filler.  Then I can buy a few on sale stuff at Michaels Craft store and Walmart for little sticky notes and very frugal accessories.

I always wished that I had good penmanship, but I just don’t.  Some people really get into colored pens and really neat writing.  I just have fun with it and accept my limits to what I have time for and what I want to do.


There are so many ideas on staying organized.  I want everything I see as usual, but have to limit myself to what is within my limits.  But I have fun with it.

Books to Read List

A books to read list is a fun idea that I saw.


Then I like Nantucket Island and ACK is the code for airplanes when they land at the airport on Nantucket.  So I like the above emblem that the C is a map of the island.  A lot of people have similar stickers like that on their cars if they go to Nantucket much.

So I have that in my organizer because it makes me smile.


Then I like anything French and I have the above photo at the beginning of my organizer.  I made up my own photo holders by cutting out the separate 4X6 holders in a 81/2 by 11 plastic photo page that had the holes in the side to go into the ringed notebook.  Works really slick.


Then I make my own bookmarks from photos that I like by just taking them to Staples and have them embossed in plastic.  Makes my organizer my own and everything that I like.


I can’t write fancy, but I can copy fancy writing and insert that in pages.  And again, I like French stuff.


I find inspirations to copy that are fun.


More Nantucket.  It always makes me smile and the day to go better to see Brandt Point on Nantucket Island.  There is a Jetty Beach right near that lighthouse and one summer I had the best tan ever as I had a job that I didn’t have to be to work until 10:00 am in a gift shop.  I used to get an hours sun every morning and it was just the best summer I can remember.That beach was just around the corner from Stilldock where I was lucky enough to have a beautiful, beautiful apartment that was steps away from where I worked.


So many cute ideas to make the organizer work.



So easy to get a format of the above and make copies and then use a paper hole punch to fit it into the organizer.


You can plan meals color code stuff.


All kinds of formats that can be copied.

On youtube I found a video on how to do fancy writing in an organizer.  It was fun to try, but not much hope in my handwriting.


I have inspirations that I put in the organizer each week.

And that’s my thoughts for today……





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