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On Saturday it was a beautiful and sunny day with perfect temperatures.  I went for a walk across the dam that is near here.  It’s near an airport and I watched as an airplane pulled up a glider.  Then I looked and there was a glider floating around in the clouds.  So fun to see.  The air was just so nice and there were fluffy white clouds in the crystal blue sky.  I really like the view of Mt Ascutney.  I worked at a fitness center on that mountain’s ski area at one time.  It had a beautiful indoor pool and all kinds of fitness equipment.

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This morning I had my favorite oatmeal that I put ground golden flaxseed and wheatgerm mixed in with it.  Then I put sliced banana, California blend almonds, cranberries, pistachios and raisins plus plump really good blueberries in.  To make it even more fun, I used my Pioneer woman bowl, plate, coffee mug and matching placemat.  After the photo, I poured Almond milk over the oatmeal.  Then I made some toast using my favorite sunflower seed artisan bread with melted butter on it.  And I like my french roast coffee.  It just makes the morning more pleasant.


I like African Violets and I read an article on how to take care of them.  It said that not to feed it too much plant food as it makes the leaves grow instead of blossoms.  Then it said to make sure the soil is really loose and that makes them blossom.

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I like antipasto and saw a really neat recipe for Antipsto salad kabobs.  Looks really good to me and I pinned the recipe on my salad Pinterest board.


I like anything to do with crepes and saw a neat recipe  for crepes that had white chocolate mousse and cream cheese mousse.  Yum.  I pinned that recipe on my French recipes.


They had like a make it yourself crepe bar.


Then I found a recipe for lemon crepes that I pinned the recipe for on my French recipes Pinterest board.


Then I saw a recipe for Strawberry Pineapple mimosa that sounded good.  I pinned that recipe on my Mothers Day Pinterest board.


Then I saw a neat smoothie basics that sounded good to me.  I pinned the recipes on my smoothies board on Pinterest.

shed 3

I love everything about the above garden shed.  It has like a sunroof for like a greenhouse on one side. I like the rhubarb patch, the garden path and the cedar siding.  The outside light fixture is kind of retro and neat.  Then the added porch.  Awesome.


I like the above Coco Channel teddy bear from Vermont Teddy bear.  I think that it is a collectable and just plain cute.


I like the above flowerpots that are made from kid’s thumbprints.  Such a cute idea.


The ladybug thumbprints are cute also.  Cute idea for mothers day.


I like the above African violet.  Such pretty leaves and it just looks so nice in that color pot.


Then I saw a recipe for vanilla overnight oats.  Looks really good to me and I pinned the recipe on my Mothers day board on pinterest.


Then I saw a recipe for a wine cooler that looked neat.  I pinned that recipe on my mothers day board on my Pinterest.

And that’s my thoughts for today…..


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