Mid week


I think it’s a good day for a Spinach Salad.  I have all the ingredients except bacon and I’ll just make some hard boiled eggs and pick up some apple cob smoked bacon.  Simple, easy and quite healthy.


Someone on Etsy made the above cards that are just plain cute for Mothers Day.  What a neat idea.  Some of the cards that are available in the stores cost at least $5.00 and just are not really that creative.


I like the above Royal Albert tea set.  It’s elegant and I just like the gold trim and the combination color of the roses.  Also the shape of the tea cup and how everything matches.


Someone made the above open cabinet from the top of a hutch.  I like the color of it and how neat it looks to display all kinds of bottles, dishes and what nots.


I think I would like to have an at home spa day.  This time of year with the weather cold and rainy half the time it would be nice to just relax and be good to oneself.


I saw the above idea on the Martha Stewart website.  It’s home made bath salts that are made to look like tea bags.  At first I thought it was blending your own tea.  But it looks like lavender and I don’t know what else.  I like simple things but Martha tends to go the difficult, time consuming, attention to detail and anything but simple route.  At least to me it seems that way.  But I like her style.  I wish I had her patience and could strive for perfection.


I would like a vacation and just travel down Route 1 on the coast of California.  It must be a dream I have had since forever.  Stop at Napa Valley and have California wine.  See the beautiful coast line and Carmel by the Sea.  Just to get out of New England and be care free for even a little while.  I can imagine a convertable car with sea breezes and the soft wind going through your hair and the golden sun of California.  Sigh…….

I can be happy anywhere I am planted and I can find a lot that I like about New England.  There is also a Route 1 that goes from Massachusetts to Maine along the East Coast.  Really beautiful.  And the seafood in Maine is just really good from the cold Atlantic water.

Sunrise At The Portland Head Light, Portland, Maine
Sunrise At The Portland Head Light, Portland, Maine

bobs 3

And that’s my thoughts for today……..




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