May 7, 2016


When I go grocery shopping I go up Route 5 and I like the looks of the new Spring leaves on the above tree that I couldn’t help but notice as I was driving by.  The light green color of the leaves is so pretty and I like the perfect shape of the tree.


Then I was hoping that Hemingways Garden stand was open on the NH side on Route 12 and it was.  I love that place.  I bought a flat of the purple and yellow “Johnny Jumpups”.  They spread like magic and I just like the looks of them.


They had all kinds of really colorful plants there.  I love browsing through all the beautiful displays.

IMG_20160506_134024957 (1)

It’s fun to see all the plants that they have.  But I have noticed from previous years that if you want some of those plants, you have to buy them early because they are snatched up by gardeners fast and they run out of a lot of the most popular plants within a few weeks.


I would buy one of each if I could.


I like the bouquet of daffodils that they had by the register.


I like the above chalkboard that was near the register, also.  They mention their rhubarb and asparagus but their strawberries are really good and will be out before long also.


I like their geraniums and all kinds of potted plants that they have.


They have all kinds of pansies.  There are several greenhouses and little garden paths.  I think Hemingways is one of my very favorite Spring places to visit as well as in summer and fall.

It was a beautiful day today in the 60’s.  They are already starting road construction which is awful but I knew a short cut to avoid the construction and hold ups on the way back.

And that’s my thoughts and adventures for today……


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