May 9, 2016


When I bought the above Spring bulb arrangement last week, I had no idea what color the Hyacinth was or the tulips because I could only see the daffodils and the rest were buds.  Today I found out the Hyacinth is white and the tulips are fancy feathered pink color.  I just love them.  Makes me smile every time I look at them.


Had a lot of fun going to the Black Rock Steakhouse with my youngest son for Mothers Day.  We had maple glazed grilled salmon with baked potato and it included the salad bar.  The salad bar had Lobster Bisque for soup and all kinds of extra special stuff like grilled asparagus, broccoli salad, grilled peppers, all kinds of everything in the salad bar.



So this morning I just made my favorite mushroom, onion and cheddar Frittata and enjoyed the beautiful card that my awesome first son and his family made for me.  They call me “Ma Linda” and that card has a hand print from each of them and their name on the handprint.  The card says, When it comes to wishing “Happy Mothers Day”, everyone wanted a hand in it.  I just love it.  Such a keepsake.  I got to see them all yesterday and hold the new baby who is 5 months old.  One of the most beautiful and fun days ever.

IMG_20160509_114338625 (1)


The love and creativity in that card just warms my heart and it’s a keepsake.  I love it!  Seeing my precious family made for a memorable day.


I ordered a Diane Gilman Scarf-print top on HSN and it arrived in my mailbox on Saturday, just in time to wear it for Mothers Day.  I just like it as it is nice material and fits nice.  The back of it is the same color as the yolk and sleeve trim.


I like bowtie pasta and I found a recipe for colorful looking salad using the pasta.  I pinned the recipe on my salad board on Pinterest.

spring 1

The Cherry blossoms are starting to come out.  Those cherry trees are so neat.  In the winter, the winter birds gather on a nearby birch tree and take turns at about 5 at a time and enjoy the dried winter cherries on the tree.

And that’s my thoughts for today….


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