May 12, 2016

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I was looking fro recipes from Cupcake War winners and I came across the recipe for Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake that Chloe Coscarelli from the Chloe’s Kitchen cookbook has.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest cupcake board.   That cookbook has some really good recipes in it.


Chloe opened her own restaurant and wrote 3 cookbooks as well as being the first vegan chef to win at Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.


The above photo is her restaurant.


One of the winning vegan cupcake that made her a winner on Cupcake Wars is the above cupcake.


I found a ton of her recipes to try.  The above “End of Summer Frittata” sounds good.


Also, her Farmers Market Panini.


Then her Herbed White Bean Dip sounds really good.


The guacamole Veggie burger sounds good, also.


The Veggie Meatball Sliders sounded good, also.  I put a ton of recipes that I found on my Veggie recipe board.


I saw the above pillow cases on Pinterest that look fun to make and you crochet the edges.  I pinned the idea on my Sewing and Crafts board on my Pinterest.


Then, because I like French recipes, I looked up a recipe for Cherry Clafouti.


The blossoms on fruit trees are just so beautiful this time of year and everything is so green.

And that’s my thoughts for today…..

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