May 14, 2016


The above cottage with the winding pathway, manicured hedges, green lush lawn and cottage flowers is the landscape that I like.


I like how on Nantucket Island, roses love the salt air and a certain variety of rose climbs and just makes a rose covered cottage.  Then the salt air makes cedar shingles turn Nantucket grey.  The picket fences and cobblestone streets are just a delight.


Blue Hydrangas are just beautiful.


There is so much you can do with a picket fence.  I just love to see all the ideas people have.


I love the above idea for a back yard grill.  It even has a wine cooler.

A secret garden for outdoor dining is just a dream.


A kitchen garden full of herbs and stuff to make garden fresh salads.  I love the style of the above kitchen garden.


I like McDonalds Big Mac, but the bun is full of carbs and I never get one.  So they used to have a Mac snack wrap that was less carbs and a fun treat once in awhile.  But only one McDonalds around here makes the snack wrap and that McDonalds is about 35 miles away.  I only go there when I shop in West Lebanon, NH which is very seldom.  So, I was looking up the recipe for a snack wrap and came across the recipe for a Big Mac Salad complete with the Mac sause recipe.  I love it.  And instead of just iceburg lettuce, you can use a combination of Romaine or any lettuce you want.  I love it!  I pinned the recipe on my copycat recipe board on my Pinterest.


And I found the recipe for the Mac Wrap from Todd Wilbur that I pinned on my copycat recipes board on Pinterest!  Not only that, I found the video from Noreens kitchen for the Premium Chicken wraps from McDonalds.  She says that it’s healthier to use your own ingredients and she had the recipe for katzcradul’s ranch dressing which was the base for all the dressings used on the 3 Premium wraps.  Kind of fun to see how she fed a family of 4 Premium Chicken wraps for less then $10.00 with lots of ingredients left over.


I like the above ingredients for a smoothie.  In my blender, I have to put the coconut water in first and then there is a smoothie button that pulses and then blends for a beautiful smoothie.  I love my blender.

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While I was looking for Wrap recipes, I found a grilled zuchini-hummus wrap.  They used Udi’s gluten free tortillas, kale, red onion, tomato, zuchini, hummus with cheddar or chipolte white gouda cheese.  I saved that recipe on my Wraps board on Pinterest.


Remember when Pina Colada’s were popular.  I still think they are fun.


Another classic is French Onion soup.  I have several recipes for the soup on my Pinterest boards.  I tuck the recipes in my soup board as well as Everything French board.


I like the New York Times recipes.  They had my attention at dark chocolate and sea salt, strawberries and lemon.  New York Times has the best recipes ever.  I follow them on Twitter.


I love gardens.  My Dad always had the most beautiful gardens every summer.  There was a rhubarb patch in the corner that came up every year.  The trend now is raised gardens.  I think those are neat, also.



Sunflowers are another ray of sunshine.






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