May 15, 2016


A Cherry Tree is a must have for landscaping around a house.  It’s just so beautiful in the Spring.


A lot of times I’ve seen recipes where the above chart comes in handy.  Especially if you find a French recipe or a European recipe on the net and it has Celsius instead of Farenheit for the temperature and metric measuring for the ingredients.


The above route shows the ultimate road trip.  You would get to see just about all the states.  Looks like fun to me.  I’ve seen a lot of people that were retired take a similar trip and then blog all the way and take photos.  I know one couple that took motorcycles on a similar trip.  That is not something I would want to attempt, especially dealing with weather.  A convertable car sounds awesome, though.  Then you get to be in the open air, yet if the weather gets bad, you’ve got cover.  I think it would be fun to stop at little diners, beautiful country Inns and just enjoy every minute of every day on a nice vacation.


I like ice coffee and it’s fun to put it in a mason jar.  Iced Mocha sounds good, also.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest drinks board.  So, today my google chrome somehow got messed up for my browser.  Without google chrome, Pinterest doesn’t work for my Windows 7.  I enjoy Pinterest and have a ton of boards that I pin stuff that interests me.  So, somehow I figured out how to fix the google chrome.  And it was not easy.  I tried everything I could think of from anything I ever learned from the tech people at places that I worked.  I refreshed my connection to the internet by unplugging the connection.  That didn’t work.  I went into the computer and used find and fix problems and did a recovery.  That didn’t work.  So I deleted google chrome and went in and reinstalled another version.  That worked.  But I tried several other things before I finally fixed it so that I had a good browser.  Now I’m a happy camper and have my Toshiba lap top working the way I like it.  ❤


LL Bean is one of my favorite stores.  I like the dress above for summer.  My favorite fashion blogger who reads every style magazine that there is, had a similar dress like the one above on her blog.  She had like a wedge sandal that gave a little lift.  I don’t think flat sandals look good with a long sun dress.  My favorite fashion blogger had a white denim jacket as an option to wear with the dress.

But did anyone watch the Tonight Show last night.  They had a guest on that had like 6 inch spike heels on.  At the end of her song that she did, she turned her back and then turned back around and her heels got tangled up with the microphone post and she went and fell flat on her back.  Unreal.  She didn’t hurt herself but I can’t imagine why anyone would put shoes like that on.


The above photo looks like pure serenity to me.  A light breeze coming in through the window.  Summer wild flowers just making for a cheerful day.  A favorite book.

I saw where Tricia Yearwood’s Nashville home was for sale, so they had a tour online of her house.  She and Garth Brooks have a home together in Oklahoma I guess.  But what a beautiful farm house she has in Nashville.  All I could think was, wow.

Then I saw an article on what she does in a day.  So interesting.  One of the books that she was reading was “The Paris Wife” by Paula McClain.  It’s a love story about Ernest Hemingway and his wife.  I found the book on Amazon and it looks like an interesting book to read.


The above is her farmhouse.  I love the porch and the bay window.  Then the brick walkway.  I really admire her taste.  Pure class in my opinion.  Nashville is so awesome.  When I visited Nashville a long time ago, I was so impressed.  It’s so awesome to see the way they wear cowboy boots and I love the southern accents.  We visited the Country Music Museum where they had Elvis’s gold Cadillac as well as all kinds of country music history.  And we visited Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee while we were in Tennessee.


The above is Tricia’s kitchen in her Nashville house.  She uses that kitchen in her cook show that’s on the Food Network.  I’ve seen a lot of her cook shows and I have one of her cook books.  Can you imagine being married to Garth Brooks???  Plus being a country singer, having a cook show and a cookbook author.  Some people have it all.


The above is one of her living rooms and you can see the pool outside.


Another beautiful living room.  I love the color of the couch and then the damask chairs as a contrast.  And the French doors.  Then the crown molding, soft lamps and a fireplace.  Just wow.  What I like about it is, she keeps it real.  I mean she could have the moon if she wanted it and she likes casual, comfortable, low key elegance.  That’s how it looks to me, anyways.


I think I saw the above clock on Wayfair.  I love the color of it and the style.  The oval shape of it and the fancy scroll.  It looks like something a lady would have on her French style desk.


I like tea cups and the silver birch pattern on the above cup is everything I like.  My Mom always liked birch trees.  She would have loved that cup.  I am a very unlucky person.  I mean it it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all as the saying goes.  I collect coffee mugs and my Mom gave me a coffee mug that had a four leaf clovers on it one time.  I would like to say it warmed my heart to think she tried to bring me luck.


The above cake has maple syrup for a sweetner and it uses wheat flour, so it is actually healthy and it looks fancy.  It’s an upside down cake where you put the fancy pattern of the fruit with a glaze of maple syrup on the bottom of the pan and then the batter on top.  Then you turn it upside down.  Looks good to me.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest cake board and healthy recipes board.

I got a King Arthur Flour catalog in my mail today.  So interesting.  I read it from cover to cover.  And I would order everything in it if I could.  🙂


Then they had a page that said “Bake the Cover” and they had the recipe for that pizza.  You could buy a Pizza dough flavor that was a blend of cheese, garlic and other natural flavors that you could add to the yeast dough to give incredible flavor to your pizza.


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