I saw some ideas on using Miracle Grow potting soil and planting succulent plants in containers.  Looked interesting to me as I like container gardens and there is Hemingways near here that has all kinds of those plants.


I saw a neat idea to repel mosquitoes with non-toxic DIY Mason Jars.  The recipe called for 40 drops of cedarwood, lavender, lemon and thieves essential oils.  Then 2 fresh lemons, 2 fresh limes, 8 sprigs fresh rosemary and floating tea light candles.


I saw an idea for Crock Pot Turkey Breast and I pinned the recipe on my crockpot pinterest board.  It’s easy to make and you can have turkey for sandwiches, salads and all kinds of stuff.  If it makes too much, you can keep cooked turkey in those food saver freezer bags to take out whenever you don’t feel like cooking.


Aiken House and Gardens is in Nova Scotia, which is an island off Canada I think.  But she has the most beautiful ideas for tea.  She also has beautiful gardens.

dream cottage 17

Aiken’s son and husband built her the above dream cottage on their property.  She decorates it and gardens around it.  Can you imagine having a little summer getaway right on your own property? !  Wow.


I think that it would be fun to have a waterfall like the above and to put pond lillies and water plants and goldfish in it.


I like picnic baskets.  In Putney, VT they have Basketville where you can have your choice between all kinds of picnic baskets.  I love to go shopping there.  One time they had a wine tasting where you could sample all kinds of sparkling wines.  Then they have a huge store with all kinds of interesting stuff.

447b8573a85511a13e84aaf6ba1d086e (1)

My grandmother used to make embroidered and crochet pillow cases like the above.  I always am reminded of their farmhouse in northern Vermont when I see these.


I don’t particularly like dogs as they are a lot of care and they are messy.  But I used to go for walks around a track where I used to live and there was a little dog like the above that would go for walks with it’s owner at the same time as I was walking.  They used to put a little red bandanna around it’s neck and his name was “Sammy”.  Well that dog used go circles around me and go around and around.  Cute little fella.  He always made me laugh.


I like to go for walks in Woodstock, VT.  It is just beautiful there.  The above bridge is called the Middle Bridge and it’s right in the middle of town.  The Ottiqueechie River which I spelled wrong, runs under the bridge.  I have a friend that built rafts when he was a kid and him and his friends floated down that river in the Spring when the water was high.  Very dangerous for kids, but he’s the kind of person that did stuff like that.  He had a Morgan horse that he rode all over the place including Mt Tom trails which is across that bridge.  Beautiful area.


The above is a view from inside the Middle Bridge.


I love going for walks through Woodstock.  They have outdoor tables that are just beautiful to stop and have a little something.


There’s an art gallery that has the most beautiful art in it.  It’s really fancy and just amazingly beautiful.


The above is the fireplace at the Woodstock Inn.  We went there for brunch one Easter Sunday and we had tea in front of that fireplace after brunch.


I think that swans are beautiful.  You see them every now and then in the Connecticut River.  When I was a kid, we used to take picnics over to a place called Vilas Pool.  There was like an arch bridge that went over a waterfall to get into the place and they had swan boats that they gave rides on.  They had row boats and a huge picnic area in the pines.  There was a place to play horseshoes and swings for the kids.  Mr. Vilas made that area on his property and never charged admission and he left the place to the town after he passed on with the stipulation that they would never charge admission.  He also built the high school in the town.  But now there is a regional high school that is huge and all the towns in the area go to it.  Taxes for that school make it almost impossible to own a house in the area.  I would like to go back to a kinder gentler time but you can never go back.  Just have to find ways to enjoy life that way it evolves into.






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