I went for a beautiful walk this morning.  Where I park my car to go on the walking trail, is the above fruit tree that is in full blossom.  The air was almost 70 degrees and it was sunny.


I decided to go shopping and I love the above stretch of trees in every season.  Right now, the trees all have new leaves on them and they are just the most beautiful Spring green color.  In the Fall, they are just all orange, red and yellow maple leaves that are gorgeous.


I decided to stop in a furniture store that I usually go by that’s called “Loves”.  And I absolutely love that place.  Awesome furniture and all kinds of interesting stuff.  I love the above wine barrel table.  Can you imagine having that in a wine cellar?!!


I like the above table and chairs.  It just looks craftsman like.


I love the color of the above chair.  I also like the shape of the chair.


I liked their leather chairs with the throw pillows in them.


Beautiful chairs.


Awesome double recliners.  That would be so fun to have in a media room.  I have the popcorn maker and just need a huge flat screen TV to go with it.


I love the above chair and throw pillow.  So cute!


They had all kinds of cute throw pillows.  It just was a really fun store to browse through.


That store is my Happy Place.  It made my day.


They even had Yankee Candles, which I adore.


Fun stuff, everywhere……


What a neat store.  I’m so glad I went in and checked it out.  I’ve been wanting to go in there for a long time.  They have another store that I am going to check out next time that is across the street from them.


When I got home, I made a wrap that came out really good.  I used carmelized onion hummus, power greens, tomato, cucumber and red onion.  Then a flax, bran and wheat wrap.   To make it flavorful, I used Paula’s seasoning as I was building it and Newmans Vinegar and Olive Oil dressing.  It was one of the best wraps I ever made.

Then I made some Ginger/Lemon Tea.  I love it.

Beautiful day.


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