May 19, 2016


I think Vermont is beautiful this time of year.


It’s even prettier when the wildflowers come out in awhile.  Probably in a month or so.  I love it when the farmers markets open.


We don’t live that far from the Atlantic coast, so it makes a nice day trip in the summer.  I love the salt air and sandy beaches.


The above cottage is in Madaket on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.  That place is really nice for a little vacation.  Way back you could rent a cottage for around $1,000.00 a week which we didn’t do because we were rent free for completely renovating the inside of a separate owners place.  But now the above cottage is about $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 a week.  Kind of steep and I guess some people actually don’t mind paying it.  All kinds of people sail into that island sometimes as far away as England.


I will never forget the time that we got to spend on that island.  It’s gorgeous.


I love a hammock, especially if it’s between 2 trees.  Nice little breeze and totally peaceful.


Cottage gardens with an arch like the above photo is so easy to dream of.  I don’t know how easy it is to grow it.  I would just buy the plants that were already started.  I think that maybe it would be possible to do.  But it’s an inspiration to me.  I think that those are old fashioned hollyhocks along the fence.  I saw some Hollyhock plants like that all started and ready to plant at a local plant place near where I live.  I have a lot to learn about gardening.  If someone got it started, I might be able to keep the garden watered and put miracle grow on it for plant food.  When I was younger and first married, my husband had a second job where he took care of gardens for some very nice people.  They sometimes sent him home with beautiful plants that I got to plant.  I particularly remember colorful gladiolas and dahlias.


I love little secret gardens and I like to see other peoples ideas.  People are so creative.


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