I think that it would be neat to have a 2 sided fireplace.  One side in the living room and the other side in the dining room.  I also like a field stone fireplace.


I also love the style of French Country.  I only have a little French in me and that’s Canadian French.  But I just am attracted to French style.  I took French in school and can speak it enough to fool people into thinking I speak fluent French.  I have done that a couple of times and it just was at a beach in Maine when I was in high school.  And then one time hiking on Mt Mansfield at Stowe I fooled a person from Canada by having a conversation with him.  He said I had a Paris accent.  It made my day.  ❤


On my bucket list is to actually see Paris.  My sister and my niece have been there as well as my best friend from school.  They all said that it wasn’t so great, but I think I would absolutely love it.  It’s just the city of romance and full of history.

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I have got to read the above book.  It sounds awesome.



I like my Paris plate and coffee cup to match.  I haven’t gotten a chocolate filled croissant from Burdick’s Chocolate actually since last Fall.  But those chocolate croissants which I thank they call Pan Purdue or something like that in France are as good as what you could get in Paris.  I really think so.  They are wicked expensive but worth it.  So buttery and flakey.  Then the chocolate they use is really good. Then a cup of Starbucks coffee from the Keurig coffee maker.  My very favorite treat.


I like the above water fountain as well as the pink peonies and the manicured hedge.  So pretty.


I love tulips.  They just are so Spring like and if I could, I would plant tons of tulip bulbs every Fall.


White tulips are gorgeous.


Roses are beautiful. I once had a house where there was a whole bank with all kinds of roses because the people that lived there before us planted them.  They were retired and their hobby was gardening.  I was told to feed them 5/10/5 special plant food and to prune them in the Fall.


I also like pink peonies.  They look like cabbage roses.  We had lots of them on one side of our lawn in a cottage we rented in Rhode Island when my then husband was in the Navy.  They come up every year.

So my blog is supposed to be about Vermont and the four seasons.  But I like gardening, design, cooking and travel.  And I like fashion.  So I can’t help myself if I wander from topic to topic.



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