May 21, 2016


I like the curb appeal of the above.  The sail boat windmill, the picket fence and brick path, the patio for a table, the seashell wreath on the door, the grey cedar shingles on the house, the water fountain.  It’s just darling in my opinion.


I like the style of the above table.  At Love’s Furniture they have furniture called “Select” by John Thomas.  You can choose your style, your color, your way.  They have 36 stains and paints to select from.  All kinds of tables and chairs and you can build your own pedestal table.  You choose the top and choose the base.


You can also design your own chairs, any color and any style.


I love the style of the above garden.  It’s really beautiful the way they manicure hedges and make little paths.


I love garden gates with stone paths and the lush lawn beyond the gate is just a plus.


I saw a recipe for lasagna with butternut squash and spinach that sounded really good and I pinned the recipe on my casserole Pinterest board.


Avacados are supposed to be good for you and I love guacamole.  So easy to make.  I put the above recipe on my dip board on Pinterest.


King Arthur Flour has a new magazine out called “Sift”.  Really nice magazine.


The above hutch style would be fun to have.

I like Pistoulet dish pattern.


The above hutch is made just for Pistoulet dishes but is impossible to find.


I love the above cannister from Pistoulet.  The only place I’ve seen it is on Ebay.


All the above Pistoulet are on the Pfalzgraff website.


As you can see I bought a few of the dishes when they were on sale.  I’m always getting 20% to 40% coupons and they are always having sales.  Sometimes I like to have breakfast using my Pistoulet.  There is actually oatmeal under all the toppings.

I guess that the Pistoulet reminds me of a French cottage.  There is even a book called Pistoulet with French recipes and everything and charming stories.  I just love it.


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