May 22, 2016


I like how the Pioneer Woman, Lee Drumand has her kitchen aid mixer designed by Un Amore Nicole Dinardo.  The above is another design sort of like the Pioneer Womans that that company does.  They hand paint the mixer and it costs about $1,000.00 which includes the Kitchen Aid Mixer.  Now, I don’t know too many every day people that can afford that after bills and what it costs to live.  So I found some ideas that would be affordable for just to do for fun and look kind of designer.


I liked the above decals that actually look hand painted for $12 that are on Etsy and also Amazon.


On Saturday morning the Pioneer Woman made meal kits for a week that were the same idea as those Blue Apron boxes that you can order where everything is in just the right proportions and delivered to your door and you can make a home made meal and it’s better then take out and quick to make.  She chopped veggies for a stir fry and put them in separate little zip lock bags, she made a sauce and put it in a mason jar and cooked up some noodles and put in a zip lock bag.  Then she put 4 kits together  on 4 cookie sheets stored in the refrigerator.   She posted 4 different recipes on food network for the kits that she put together.


One of the kits the Pioneer Woman showed was stuffed peppers which looked good to me.


The above is what one of those Blue Apron kits look like and I bet that they are wicked expensive.


I love the idea to prepare ahead, have the recipe right there and have home made without the hassle.


Another idea that the Pioneer Woman has on a different freezer episode is to marinate chicken breasts, grill them and put them in those food saver bags in packages of 2 or 4.  You can thaw them out and use them for salads or any kind of quick meal with no fuss. Those food saver bags are good for up to a year with no freezer burn because that little machine takes all the air out.  I love my food saver machine.

Then she had the idea to brown up hamburger in the cast iron pan and put the cooked hamburg in food saver bags and take out for tacos, spaghetti sauce, chili and any number of things for quick and easy meals.


She also made hamburg patties to put in packages of 2 for the freezer bags.  She made up pie crust and pizza crust to freeze.  She also did muffins and Lasagna.  Love it.


I like a bay window and the above view would be delightful.  Looks like a nice place to read a book and enjoy a glass of wine.


I like the above idea for a window seat reading knook, also.  I like blue and white, a throw,  soft pillows, sea shells and a cool breeze from a screen window.  Then a picture of the ocean on the wall.  A place to store your favorite magazines and books in the drawers.  And I like the white wainscoating on the walls and the shutters.


Blue has always been one of my favorite colors.  I think blue Hydrangas are just awesome.


Heavenly Blue Morning Glories are also one of my favorites.


I like all the colors that Hydrangas come in.  I think they have white ones also.

C1 (1)

I like to get cheese at the Vermont Country store in Rockingham.  They have all kinds of cheese to choose from and I especially like the cheddar cut from the big wheel of cheese.  Also the smoked cheese is really good.


A nice grilled cheese idea is gouda cheese, roasted mushrooms and onions.

I have a software on my computer called “Cook’n”.  It’s a fun place to store recipes and you can make cookbooks from it, print out recipe cards, take a recipe from the internet and just bring it into a cookbook with the push of a button.  Or you can type in recipes that go into a neat format and you can customize the format with graphics.  If I spend $67.00 to upgrade it, I can go to my Pinterest recipe boards and bring in each board and all it’s recipes that organize themselves into a Pinterest recipe book with just the push of a button.  It also brings in video recipes if you have a video recipe board.  And each time something is pinned, it automatically goes into that book if you do the upgrade.  Right now I have a book for favorite recipes and family recipes.  Kind of neat.  A nice feature that it has is you can change a recipe to make it for 2 or for 10 and it will automatically change the amount for each ingredient. It makes out shopping lists, makes dividers, indexes and all kinds of neat stuff.

So that’s the interests I have for this Sunday.





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