May 23, 2016


Vermont’s state flower is the Clover.  Red Clover grows wild everywhere around here.


There are all kinds of wild flowers that just grow wild and free.  So pretty and colorful.


I like the daisies.


Lady Slippers are so pretty.  They are like a wild orchid.


I would love a pond like the above.  The arch bridge, the water lillies and some Koi fish.


From what I see on the fashion blogs, the above style is in.  The white jeans, the infinity scarf, the Tiek shoes that cost a lot but really comfortable, the turquoise earrings and bracelet that matches, the bangle bracelets, designer pocketbook and aviator sunglasses.


I like a salad….


My big fat Greek salad.  You’re welcome.


Buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese dressing.  Yum.

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I like the above style.  The color of the Tiek shoes matches the scarf and everything.

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I think it would be nice to have roses in a garden where that you could pick some roses and put them in a vase.


What a neat idea for a celebration of Spring.  I don’t think I could make that huge rose, but maybe a smaller version.  Love the colors.


The above is another set of artistic emblems that can go on a kitchen aid mixer.  I like the polka dots and the green lace.  I saw it on Etsy.  It looks like that hand painted design that is so cool.


I would use the polka dots and lace and the above roses, cutting one big rose for the bottom part of the mixer and the the two roses across the top.


The above Tieks can only be ordered on line from their website.  They cost $175.00 but you can see why they would be comfortable.  They contour to your feet and are soft Italian leather.  I’ve read that if you wear a half size to order a size up.



I like the color of the above Tieks.


I love the above shoe space for shoes.  So cool.

And that is my interests for today.



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