Memorial Day Weekend


My husband and son were once in the Navy and I believe the above is the theme song for the Navy.  I forget the country singer that sang the song, but it’s appropriate for Memorial Day.


It’s a nice weekend for grilling and I like the idea of the above steak kabobs.  It’s perfect when you have people who like steak but a lot of steak is not good for you.  Little bites on the kabob is delicious and just right.


I like grilled chicken and a marinade makes a difference in the moistness and flavor of chicken breast which sometimes can be dry.  This morning on the Pioneer Woman show on Food Network, she made grilled jerk chicken.  The jerk chicken marinade in the above was a lot like hers, but a little less complicated.



Fudgesicles were not my favorite treat as a kid.  The milk chocolate flavor with a ton of sugar and not that great.  I saw the above recipe that called for dark chocolate, cream and sea salt.  Sounds like it might be good.  I pinned the recipe on my popsicles pinterest board.  The reviews said they added chocolate chips to be melted in the cream which sounds good and some people adjusted the salt if they liked salt or not.


I like the above idea for storing silverware and cooking utencils.


I like to grill veggies on the grill.  You can make a a fun wrap with them.


The above rustic herbed roast asparagus seasonoing blend was $6.00 on Sur la table.  It’s on sale for $3.99 this weekend.  They were using the blend in their Spring cooking classes and it sounds good to me.


I like good old fashioned Strawberry Shortcake the way my Mom and my Gram used to make it.  What’s not to like.  They didn’t put sugar on the biscuits, but put a dollap of whipped cream on top.


I like wild flowers.  I think the above probably was grown from using packets of wild flower seeds.  Neat idea and very colorful when they are all together like that.

And that’s my interests on this day.




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