May 29, 2016


I used to have lunch at a little park where I could enjoy the views of the waterfalls.  My office had no windows where I worked and to get out in the air at noon was literally a breath of fresh air.  We had two breaks besides a lunch break and we used to go for a walk on the breaks.


It was pretty in the Spring time with the blossoms on the fruit trees and there were landscaped flowers.


I used to look forward to going there for a picnic lunch in good weather.  There was a nice landscaped lawn and  brick path along with a couple of benches.

I think that it was my way of coping with a stressful job that demanded all my energy.  It was like an escape from a pressure cooker and some of the stress was relieved.  Being a person that was not naturally outgoing and being pushed into having to be a person that I was not was so challenging to me that without the 15 minute lunch break after the 5 minutes to get there and the 5 minutes to get back to work, I would just not have been able to cope as long as I did.

Every time I go by that place, I smile.


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