May 30, 2016



Memorial day is here.  I find it a kind of somber time.


Yesterday my youngest son visited and we went to the Blackrock Steakhouse for lunch and had the soup and salad bar.  The soup was chicken vegetable and it was really good.  I went on Pinterest and found a recipe for a similar soup and pinned it on my soup board.


They had lots of different salads to choose from and one that was really good was the Tortelini salad.   I found a recipe for a similar salad on Pinterest and pinned it on my salads board.


Then the broccoli salad with bacon in it was just really outstanding.  I found a similar recipe on Pinterest and pinned it on my salads board.

They also had roasted asparagus, roasted peppers and all kinds of salad fixings.  Really good salad bar.  Fun place to go.


Then we went over to Hemingways and browsed through their greenhouses.  My son was looking for some plants to landscape the front yard of his house.


We went through several greenhouses and wandered along the paths.


So many plants and a fun visit.


Hemingways is one of my favorite places to visit.


They had all kinds of herbs, also.


I liked the poppies.


I liked the above plants.  Purple and white with one pink flower.  Looked pretty to me.


The Bagonias were really pretty.  I never have seen so many plants.  I loved it.


It was fun walking along the winding paths.

One of my grandsons is really good at sports and he got chosen to go to a New England track meet in Conneticut that is for the best of the best.  So proud of him.  He’s only a freshman and competed with seniors and got chosen.  He throws a disc and to me looks like a Greek God.  I mean he has a style that is amazing.

So it’s been a beautiful weekend.

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