June 4, 2016


I have seen ideas of flowers to plant that attract humming birds and butterflies.  I get a lot of seed catalogs and some of the ideas in them are just beautiful.  I can remember as a kid how a little humming bird liked the tall pink phlox that were in front of the sun porch.  The little wings go so fast that you can hardly see the bird and it is all over the place and they make a humming sound.

The butterflies I remember are the Monarch and the yellow version of the Monarch which I don’t know the name of it.  They are just beautiful.


I’d like a little garden like the above, including the humming bird feeder.  It’s so colorful and I like the shape of it.  I like the Black Eyed Susans in the middle and it looks like lavender behind the Black Eyed Susans.  The water features are an added touch.


I see some of the above flowers in the butterfly garden.  I should look up the name of them.  I just think they are a nice addition to a flower garden.  I like the color of them and I can see how they would attract a butterfly.


They look good next to some yellow flowers.  They compliment each other.


Humming birds are not much bigger then a butterfly.  Cute little things.  I think that it’s fun to watch them humming from flower to flower like a busy bee.  It must be the wings that makes the humming noise as it looks like the wings are going like 100 miles an hour.

49 Peter Rabbit in The World of Beatrix Potter Museum, Windermere, UK

They have cute little decorations for gardens.  I think it would be fun to have a Peter Rabbit like the above statue.  My kids always liked the story of Peter Rabbit when they were little.


The above rabbit is kind of cute, also.

3807c988c2a3b285bbc2c8f5dca852df (1)

I like whirligigs.  The above whirligig is kind of cute for a garden.  The mother hen and baby chicks must move when the wind blows that fan around.


I’ve seen Sylvester Cat and Tweetybird whirligigs in a garden before, but I’ve never seen the roadrunner.  Kind of  cute.


Sylvester looks really cute in a garden.  It’s fun to see how it looks like it’s running with the wind.


Then Tweety Bird running with the wind.  They have all kinds of whiligigs on Etsy.  There are some really creative and talented people that sell stuff like that on Etsy.


I like the Ocean Blue Wine bottle wind chime.  I think it would be fun to have on a porch.


The sailboat whirligig would look like Catboats racing with the wind.  That would be fun to have if you had a place near the water or not.  It’s just cute.


I like the ladder idea for a plant holder.  I’d like to copy that with the driftwood, tea cup, tea pot and all.


The pail planter just makes me smile.  It would be more fun to make it.  I love the little details of it.


People have such cute ideas for gardens.  leafstepst2

Garden paths are always fun.  People get really creative.  I like the field stones along the side and the crushed gravel underneath the neat stepping stones.


Mosaic butterfly stepping stones for grass areas is just super cool.

I’m definitely not into writing.  I took English comp 101 and the mistakes I make are not fun.  I have fun with my blog and enjoy writing my thoughts even if I don’t use proper English.

It’s a sunny day here in Vermont and I’m garden dreaming.


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