June 6, 2016


At King Arthur Flour, on Saturdays they have samples of the above Herbed Forcaccia Bread and they call it “A taste of Vermont”.  A lady named Gael works at the King Arthur Flour store in Norwich, VT on Saturdays and makes the bread every Saturday.  They don’t sell the bread, but the recipe is on their website and I pinned the recipe to my King Arthur Flour recipe board on my Pinterest.  Looks good to me.


I like that King Arthur Flour store.  To me the vanilla and the chocolate chips that they sell are the best you could buy anywhere.  When they first opened that store, they were giving away package samples of the chocolate chips and container jars of the vanilla.  I was sold on first try of them.


They also had a recipe for Strawberry-rhubarb pie that was rated 5 stars.  I pinned that recipe on my King Arthur Flour recipes Pinterest board, also.  Looks good to me.


I’d like to take that King Arthur Flour’s essentials of bread baking online baking class.  I’ve always wanted to take a class from King Arthur Flour, but at their store in Norwich, those classes are over my budget.  The on line class is not costly and looks like it would be interesting and a lot could be learned on technique and they have the same chefs as instructors as they do at their store.  It’s on the Craftsy website and they teamed up with King Arthur Flour.


I love the strawberry bowl at King Arthur Flour.  It’s so perfect for the season and it’s a little costly but a nice addition to a kitchen.  The Pioneer Woman on the food network has one similar that is made by a company in England and it costs about 3 times as much.  I just love this one.


I was reading tips from the Barefoot Contessa and she writes all her favorite recipes that she uses the most in a personal recipe book.  That’s a lot of work, but it looks like she puts little notes of tried and true stuff and it’s a neat idea.  Who needs to go through a ton of cookbooks to find recipes and everyone has their favorites that they use over and over.  She puts plastic sheets over them and it looks like it must be a 3-ring binder.  I have a 3-ring binder with the plastic sheets, but I just printed out the recipes.  I might try writing the recipes.


Ina Garten also has a Krafts Maid Bread Bin in her kitchen.  Neat idea.


Ina’s brownie recipe snagged her a husband.  A lot of times on the food network shows, she makes those brownies on her and her husband’s anniversaries.

I watch too much TV, but I really liked the Barefoot Contessa show where they spent a week in Napa Valley California and rented a house there.  On Pinterest they had photos of that house and on the food network they had all the recipes she made while doing that show.


The above is the kitchen she had to cook in while in California.  I guess that’s a chalkboard on the front of that refrigerator.  Love the doors to the patio, the island, the double oven, the glass front cabinets.  I mean, what a dream kitchen.


Then the above is the table where she served Jeffrey dinner in the evening with candle light.  Talk about having it all.


Then Ina Garten has an apartment in Paris.  What a choice for a stove.  It must be nice.  I have a stove that is probably almost as old as I am, a tiny kitchen that is horrible and just am thankful I have a kitchen at all.


I enjoy food network and I take no jealous thoughts on how some people just live life to the fullest.  I have fun on basically very little and appreciate what I have.



You don’t need a lot of space to enjoy little garden pleasures.


A raised kitchen garden would be heaven to me.


I like the above little neon light.  It is good.  🙂




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