June 7, 2016


I like outside tables and thought that the above looked colorful.  I like the tablecloth and the sunflowers.  The blue chairs are like a French blue.


Aiken House and gardens is elegant.  I like the pink Hydrangas and the pink rose teapot.


I like the style of the chairs in the above.  The arch gate is neat.

Doors-in-garden-04 (1)

I like the window door idea of the above.  It looks stunningly beautiful with the grey stain on the wood part of it and the flowers and lawn beyond the doors make it look like stained glass.  Then the ivy climbing on the pagoda part of the top of it.  Kind of neat.


Like the heart shape in the fence.  Neat idea.


I like garden gates and think that the above gate is sweet.  The round circle makes it look like a photo looking out onto the lawn.  And then the climbing roses and hedge on both sides.


What a romantic and beautiful arch.  I love the stone path and the picket fence.  The climbing roses and the bench.


White Hydrangas are beautiful and then the brick path and arch with a garden beyond.  Kind of neat.


The above is Barefoot Contessa’s ultimate garden.  She has a secret garden that has a garden path that she shows on one of her food network shows that she puts sand in white bags and a candle in the sand leading the way along the path and all kinds of white lights around a garden table for a romantic dinner with her husband, Jeffrey.  She also puts a round outdoor table in front of that garden house for garden dinners, sometimes.  The episode that I really liked was when she recreated a French dinner and served it on their porch complete with wine and these vanilla ice cream filled puffs with chocolate sauce for dessert.  She had an episode with an omelette on the porch that recreated what they had in Paris, also that was totally awesome.  I can’t help myself.  I love stuff like that.


The third vase over on the middle shelf is what the Barefoot Contessa puts on her dinner tables a lot.  I think that they look elegant.


I love the Champagne glasses and the colorful little vases of flowers.  Can’t even imagine having white Hydrangas, Peonies and roses in your own flower garden that you could pick and put in small vases like that.  So totally elegant.


Love the secret garden look of the above.


Garden gates, arches and old fashioned garden paths just are beautiful.

That’s what interests me on this 7th day of June.

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