June 8, 2016


Kind of a net way to display plants on a patio.  I like the ladder and the stacked boxes as well as the window shutters.


Bicycle planters are always neat.


Old toy trucks are cute ideas for planters.


Someone made the above greenhouse out of old glass window doors.  I like the way they put white Hydrangas around it and the stone birdhouse.  The cupolo on the roof and the weathervane just take it over the top.


The above are cute canisters that could be bought at one time on QVC.  Temp-tations no longer makes the yellow old world color and they don’t make any more of that particular style which is a shame.  They have something cute, make a few of them and you just miss out if you don’t buy them in 2 seconds flat when they are available.  I missed out, but I would have loved them for my kitchen.


Another cute Temp-tations product was the Cafe mugs that had a 4-leaf clover on them.  Almost impossible to get unless you are very lucky and see them when they are very first available.


So the latest canisters have a tiny, tiny chicken on them and don’t come in yellow because that color has been taken out of her products.  I like the blue with the yellow flowers and think it would look good for like a coffee station.  You could put tea in the little canisters, coffee in the middle size and filters or K-pods in the large canister.


I like earrings and I think the above earrings are perfect for summer.  I saved the link to them on my jewelry Pinterest board.


I like turquoise and the above ring caught my interest.  I just like the scrolling and the shape of it.


Jo Lynn Shane is one of my favorite fashion bloggers.  I like that above blouse that she recently had on her blog.  She got it at the Loft store and it was on sale at 40% off which made it about $25.00.  The shoes are $175.00 and the Marc Jacobs pocketbook is $340.00 which is a little much for me.  But I went on line at the Loft website and bought the blouse to wear with my white jeans.  I can find a comparable and similar pocketbook and shoes at T J Max that would be designer but 1/3 or less the price.


I like the color of Martha Stewart’s peonies that she has at her house in Maine.  On Martha’s website she lists all the seed catalogs that she uses for her gardens.  She orders her seeds in January and plans her gardens.


I think the above planter is cute.

And that’s what caught my interest for June 8th.


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