Dream Cottage


I like the design of the above cottage.  The porch in the front with the chair swing on one side, the screened porch in the back of the cottage and the huge beautiful arched window to let in lots of light.


I like the balcony off the back with the French doors and the arch window above the doors.


I would like a bedroom like this with the cathedral ceilings.


I love the porch.  The trellis on one side is beautiful.


I would have a garden area with a picket fence and arch gate somewhere.


I love an old fashioned clothes line to hang out clothes in the summer.


The ultimate would be to have a fire pit and to have the property near some kind of water.


The above is my favorite kitchen.  I don’t like to cook that much anymore and this is just right in case I feel like cooking up a storm.


A huge country garden would be awesome.


Plus a butterfly garden.

And that’s a few of the things that would be kind of nice.


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