I like the above outfit for this time of year.  It especially looks nice if you have a nice tan.


I like the above outfit, also.  I have that top and it’s one of my favorites.  I got mine at L L Bean and it’s called a sailor top.  It looks very French to me.


The berries are in season again.  I think the above is called a Summer Berry Galette.


Then there’s a Strawberry Rhubarb pie.  I think it looks fancy when you criss cross the strips of pie dough for the top crust.


I really like heirloom tomatoes and the above is a recipe using cauliflower for the crust for a Margharitta  Pizza.  I like the fresh basil.  The cauliflower crust takes the carbs out of pizza.


I like the above dress for summer.  So cute with the wedge heel sandals.


I wish that I had an ice cream maker, I’d make some Raspberry Limoncello ice cream.  Sounds really yummy.


Then, how about coconut, salted caramel and chocolate popsicles.


Everyone seems to be wearing white skinny jeans.  And even more popular is holes in the jeans to make them look slightly worn ragged.


Strawberries are in season now and everyone is making strawberry shortcake.


I don’t have a garden and I think that it would be fun to grow herbs, lettuce and a few things.  Some people know how to grow stuff indoors.


I think it’s a nest idea to plant a garden in wine boxes, also.


I like the above flower pot with flowers spilling out.


People have such neat ideas.

Tonight is a full moon and they call it a “Strawberry Moon” because it is strawberry harvesting time and a full moon.  The last time that there was a full moon on what they call a “solstice” on the first days of summer was almost 70 years ago in 1948.

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