Market Day


Local strawberries are at the farm stands now.  It’s a better deal if you pick your own and lots of people pick huge flats of them.

IMG_20160623_153617485 (1)

I love all the fresh veggies that were picked from the gardens just this morning at Pete’s farm stand..  I love the radishes for salads.


I got some summer squash.


Also some beets so I can make a roasted beet salad with arugula.  I also use the beet greens that are really good sauteed.


They had farm fresh eggs and home made bread that looked good.


They had some pretty hanging plants.


I saw a recipe for Strawberry Chiffon pie that I pinned on my Pinterest Pies board.  That would be yummy to make with the strawberries.


I made a veggie stirfry when I got home.  It had summer squash, zuchinni, asparagus, mushrooms and onions in it.  I also made brown and red rice with quinoa and flaxseed to go with it.

I also stopped at a food warehouse and got Starbucks coffee for only $4.99 a pkg.  Saved about $4.00 on that for what it would cost at the grocery store.  I also got a pkg of the brown and red rice with quinoa and flaxseeds for only $1.45.  So I saved quite a bit on that also.

Very fun afternoon.



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